Olikara Enterprises
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We have a compact and efficient organization structure.  As a result we are able to develop successful prototypes in unbelievably short time.  Also the quality of the supplies are so reliable that our supplies can go to your production line without any quality checks.

  We have the following production machines:
  1. CNC Lathes of maximum holding diameter of 200mm – 4 nos
  2. VMC Machines with 1 meter long beds – 2 nos
  3. Vertical Milling machine – 1 no.
  4. Precision Centre Lathe with DROs – 2 nos
  The quality analyzing machines that we have are :
  1. Profile projector
  2. Rockwell hardness tester
  3. Spring Load Tester – 1 ton capacity
  4. Coating thickness tester
  5. Rubber hardness tester
  6. Stereo Microscope
  7. Imx1m Granite precision Surface Plate
  8. Various thread, plug & ring gauges.  Plain plug and ring gauges. Snap gauges, etc.
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